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Many NEW CPE Topics in 2016!!!

  • Holt & Granger = CPE + consulting + professional training…for traditional CPAs “that care more about protecting the public from dishonest financial or tax reporting” than their own personal, financial, corporate or political agendas
  • Garland Granger will continue to offer seminars in North Carolina & teach at Guilford College & will provide “in-house” CPE to a variety of companies, CPA firms & CPA organizations. Please contact Garland directly @ ( or 336-681-7397) or view his website @ (
  • David Holt will continue to offer CPE for companies, CPA firms & CPA Chapters in Texas. Many of his Texas CPA Chapter seminars are listed at the 2016 Schedule for Texas.
  • The address & phone number for David Holt Seminars is: 215 Acacia Dr. N., Uvalde, Texas 78801, 830-486-5222 
  • Professional Accounting Seminars, Inc. (the CPE Sponsor) dba David Holt Seminars provides approved Ethics Courses in Texas & Florida.

Locations & Schedule for 2016 (calendar year) :

  • Texas (includes required TX Ethics)

David Holt Seminars is the marketing company that represents:

For information regarding: In-house CPE, professional training and fraud consulting services (contact us)